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Extended Heights

Whether your working at elevations of 56 feet or closer to the ground, the specially designed mast ensures stability and safety.

The strong torsion resistant mast sports a light weight design to maintain the vehicles low center of gravity even when extended.

The masts are specially designed to take the load from the sides as well as the front.

Capacities from 2425 lb to 4400 lbs with 2-stage and 3-stage masts offering full free lift or deep insertion stages. The XL mast has added strength for tight tolerances in very high bay applications (minimum mast deflection).

Put us to the test and compare our equipment.


mast design for EK 11 & 12 rear view of mast view thru the cab and mast view to the top mast to tall ?

From the smallest to the tallest the EK series turret forklift at 56 ft